Tudor Turcu - Is there anybody out there

Class Music Studio and Tudor Turcu, romanian 2012 X-Factor Edition Winner teamed up for a monster mashup of rock and dubstep in “Is there anybody out there?”

This song is about true rebels who need a proper soundtrack for their own life adventure. The intro of the songs sets a cold, spaced out mood, like a far away echo of the chorus, covered by wind, then the first verse comes in with a mélange of strings, guitars and synths, while the drum beat seems half  rock, half dubstep. The prechorus and the chorus itself brings in some guitars with guts and dubstep wobbles, along with sampled vocals.

This is the first approach of this kind for Tudor. Even though he’s better known for pure rock type of vocal delivery, he is certainly looking for outrageous ways of musical expressing himself.



The Youtube link:


The Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/digital-audio-studio/is-there-anybody-out-there