Born on 11 november 1989, in Bucharest, Romania, she studied music since highschool. After singing many cover songs, a few of them recorded at Class Music Studio, she met up with WiseNoize. They proposed her a collaboration, so “Falling for you” , their first song, was born.

In her teens, Yvee listened to a huge variety of music – anything from Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin, R&B, house to alternative rock. However, Yvee considers pop music to be her biggest genre influence. Artistically, Beyonce is the performer having the most influence on her life because of the “powerful performances and the amazing voice”. She has also been heavily influenced by artists ranging form Lady Gaga, Gwen Stephani, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Demi Lovato and many others.

Even if she studied Managemement at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies and currently is taking the master degree in the Business Management her whole world is about music and … flowers. Yes, flowers! The singer loves flowers and she runs a bussiness with flowers in partnership her mother.

Among the things that Yvee loves are: fashion, little cats, the red colour, piano music, pumps, trevelling, crowdy places, nature.

Her first single, “Falling for you“, was born as a collaboration between WiseNoize and Yvee. The song was born as a result of repeated  meetings at Class Music Studio between Alex Toma, Mihaela Cernea, Anatolii Skripa and Yvee,  it went through several versions of orchestration, and eventually came to this form. It has a catchy, modern vibe hook as a refrain and a melodic line that completes the meaning of each lyric.

What is this song all about? Well, it’s about girls who are tired of being approached by boring guys using all the same lines, that will eventually be avoided in a more or less discrete manner, but it’s also about how things could change as music brings them closer on the dancefloor!

Yvee just started writing lyrics for her new single in order to provide her fans that true emotion. Every each performance in her music career is equaly important, even if she’s in front of her friends or on a large stages.

Sounds like: Avicii, Tim Berg, David Guetta, Basto, Swedish House Mafia, Loreen

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialYvee

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/yveeofficial

Her first single is “Falling for you“, produced by WiseNoize, and you can listen it here:

Extended Version of “Falling for you”:


1.Yvee – “Falling for you” (Dualtrx remix)

2.Yvee – “Falling for you” (Iulian Ionescu remix)

3.Yvee – “Falling for you” (MathiasThomson remix)

4. Yvee – “Falling for you” (Robeeo Radio remix)

5. Yvee – “Falling for you” (Robeeo Extended remix)

6. Yvee – “Falling for you” (Boggy remix)