An unique international collaboration captures the romanian and european music lovers with a new project: Nadir – “Leyla“, a new single from the arabian artist Nadir and Class Music Studio, resulting in a song with oriental clubbing influences, bursting with energy and romance.

The music and the lyrics are made by Mihaela Cernea, Alex Toma (WiseNoize) and Nadir, inspired by the artist’s personal experience, reflected in current trends of club music. Combining influences of western orchestration with the Arabic flavored melody and text, and, especially, the interpretation itself, colored with oriental inflections, the result is a song that perfectly fits in the nowadays international trends.

Whether you are listening this song in the club or at the radio, the passional performance, the catchy vocals and also the positive energy induced by the instrumental will get  you dancing from the very beginning of this song.

At only 23 years old, Nadir is intensively studying music, taking further his native coordinates that make him stand out on the stage , based on his exceptional vocal qualities and the ability to get make you dance in no time!

With every listening, we are sure that song will get on top of everyone’s personal preferences.