Alexa Marco was born in Bucharest, Romania, on the 7th of February 1995.
She discovered her passion for music from her childhood, when she started canto lessons and participated in music shows and competitions, being awarded in most of them.
In the same time, she pursued her other passion, attending various dance classes. The dances she is mostly fond of are the latino ones, especially salsa and bachata, which she has been practicing at a very high level for the last 3 years.

Her artistic concerns do not stop there, on the contrary,  we’d say she’s quite a complete artist: she’s studying fine arts, is passionate about design and fashion, sports more or less extreme (skating, snowboarding, bungee jumping), and, like any musician who is serious about his career, she’s studying canto and piano at “Crina Mardare Music Experience“.

2012 came along with her first single: ” Sha la la“. The song was produced at Class Music Studio by Mihaela Cernea (Class) and Alex Toma (WiseNoize), Alexa itself being responsible for the lyrics in Spanish. The song intro announces the optimistic atmosphere of the tune, with a very playful synth theme, which, along with arrangements of guitar and saxophone riff’s, prepares the verse, which is very passionately interpreted (as it may sound Spanish only), and  then the chorus is like a burst of joy:

Sha-la-la-la when we’re happy

Sha-la-la-la when the sun goes down

Sha-la-la-la in the moonlight

We’ll stay forever young

The bridge lyrics  came as an invitation to a permanent holiday that everyone is dreaming of, and they make room for a moment of calm in the middle part: ”Dancing in the rain, in a summer day/ Running on a beach at the sunset/ That’s the way I wanna live my life”, followed by two more choruses, in end, keeping the same register, optimistically enough to make whistle while you press the “repeat” button !

Sounds like: Inna, Alexandra Stan, Play&Win, Akcent, Christian D, Romanian dance music


You can listen to the song here :